Kay Evans Peters

Profile Updated: October 4, 2019
Where do you live? Omaha, NE USA
Spouse/Partner: single
Children: Ellery Born 1988
Morgan Born 1991
Aleah Born 1994
Occupation: Account Executive with PrintOvations


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Kay Peters

Fondest memory of high school:

Wow...too many to list. I remember a couple of bus trips to games out of town where many funny things happened. One involved a picture, one involved matches. Then there was something about searching the bus. Of course, all the games, pep rallies, and socializing. Mr Williamson class and synchronized swimming was interesting as well.

Least favorite memory of high school:

I just remembered the time we were coming back from lunch and the boys were having a snowball fight out in front of the school. Us girls were trying to go inside only to be bombarded with snow/ice balls. I was crouching behind a snowman/snow wall and when I thought it was safe I popped up only to get hit in the eye with an ice ball! Mr Ellis (?) saw what happened and escorted me into the building. yeah....THAT was awkward! ha ha

What have you done as an adult that you told yourself you would never do when you were young?

Had children! When I turned 30 I thought there had to be more to life than making and spending money. So I had a daughter and was not going to have any more. Then I decided that she needed to know the whole world didn't revolve around her so I had a son. I knew right away I wanted another one so I had another daughter. All three years apart planned around water skiing season! At one point, I wanted another one! Pretty crazy for someone who never wanted to have kids!

Favorite quote(s):

Never explain, your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe you anyway!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Oh wow...Nothing surprises me anymore...so I am sure I have nothing that would surprise anyone.

I have traveled to Europe four times and planning to go again in 2015. I have a cabin on a lake in Fremont and still slalom water ski!

I go out and dance every Friday.

Don't know if those are surprising facts.

What now occupies your spare time?

Who has spare time? lol I have a daughter that is the Husker Twirler and is president of her sorority. My oldest got married and is a 3rd grade dual language teacher. My son moved to Denver before Thanksgiving and is living his dream! I started a new job in September and I am a account executive for PrintOvations. I sell Brand Awareness...basically ANYTHING you can put your logo on. I LOVE my job!

Favorite music (now or all-time)?

Love Country and Blues. Enjoy going to live music venues. I am friends with several different local country bands and a few blues bands.

Favorite TV shows (now or all-time)?

Criminal Minds, Seinfeld reruns, The Bachelor/Bachelorette..only because it the one time my daughter and I sit down together and block out everything else and laugh! Castle dropped off my list....it got weird. Scandal has joined it!

Favorite movies (now or all-time)?

Pirates of the Caribbean, A Beautiful Mind, The Count of Monte Cristo. Many more. The Judge, Unbroken, So many movies that I like...mostly the ones that are based on true stories.

Other comments:

Redefining my life since my kid are out on their own. I do anything (almost) and everything that someone invites me to do...as I am having so much fun meeting new people and doing things I might not have done in the past!

I just found out that I will be doing a fundraiser for Youth Emergency Services in Omaha in July. It will be similar to Dancing with the Stars and I will be dancing with an instructor! I am sooo honored and thrilled for the opportunity to help this worthy cause. I love to dance and can't wait!

When was the last time you belly laughed? Why?

We were sitting around the bonfire at my cabin and one of my son's friends was telling stories about himself. Funny guy. Was with my sister in Arizona and we had been doing some wine tasting and as we do when we get together....we laugh.

Name some famous or interesting people you've met?

I partied with Vince Gill, Hall and Oates a long time ago but I find the most interesting people that I meet are the ones that are involved with non profits and are passionate about a cause.

Tell us about the best concert you attended. Band/Artist? Year? Venue? Special details?

Oh wow...I have gone to almost every country music concert. Just recently went to Garth Brooks. Wasn't going to go but glad I did. One of the best concerts I went to was Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. Not only was it great music but I have tremendous respect for Taylor Swift. She has given back to the community in so many ways. Has managed to actually stay a good role model as compared to , Bieber, Cyrus and Lohan.
I love the theater and have seen Wicked at least 4 times, Beauty and the Beast 3, The Lion King to name a few.

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