Steven R. Davis

Profile Updated: September 21, 2011
Steven R. Davis
Where do you live? Lincoln, NE USA
Spouse/Partner: Debra J. Davis
Children: Jillian Davis, 1983
Rachael Davis, 1988
Other webpages: N/A
Occupation: Machinist
Military Service: U.S. ARMY  
Yes! Attending Reunion
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Fondest memory of high school:

Meeting my future wife.

Least favorite memory of high school:

Playing baseball in gym class

What have you done as an adult that you told yourself you would never do when you were young?

Took up smoking

Favorite quote(s):

Lead, follow or get out of the way but do something.

I love the smell of naplam in the morning.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Not sure

What now occupies your spare time?

Shooting and playing with my dogs

Favorite music (now or all-time)?

Late 70's punk and 80's new wave

Favorite TV shows (now or all-time)?

Law and Order, O'Reilly Factor, South Park

Favorite movies (now or all-time)?

The first God Father, All Star Trek after the first, Three Kings, Blade Runner original cut and Apocalypse Now original cut

Other comments:

Was a hardcore motorcyclist from 1978 until last year. Back and knee problems forced me to give it up. Used to ride 10,000 to 12,000 miles every year. Love my wife, love my kid's, love my dog's and love my job. I feel pretty lucky.